"Independent Artists Unite!" Is the moto of the web shop Media-Store.nl. The world of music remains magical and again and again artists want to make their music heard by the world. Every day there are labels that believe in their artists and dare to risk placing physical products on the market. In addition, there are more and more artists who keep everything in their own hands and approach professionals for distribution and promotion.

Not everyone is assigned to a Major Label and this creates a proliferation of all kinds of small Independent Labels.

By bundling forces Media-Store.nl offers a stable webshop for the Benelux. The webshop is part of Rock Inc. Distribution. In the 15th anniversary, Rock Inc. has Distribution got this role in the Benelux. Rock Inc. With this philosophy, Distribution is and remains a major player and therefore a full-fledged party and point of contact in the music business, in which everything is based on the love of music and a personal approach.