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Zapruder - Zapruder CD DIG


After an EP, a first album and several tours in Europe, ZAPRUDER had an event that changed their career.\nThe flight of Isaac for Canada has indeed led the band to tie up its links despite the distance. More fusional than ever, the five crazy guys in ZAPRUDER have adopted a rhythm of Stakhanovist work mixed with the pleasure of seeing each other once a year.\n\nThis new eponymous album is their most personal album. Written for several weeks in their country bastion, drinking booze every day, making BBQs, and remembering the origin of ZAPRUDER: friendship, fun, rock?n?roll. It was recorded by Amaury Sauv�, their eternal engineer and now 6th member of the band. 15 days of studio, drinking again, walking naked and doing bodybuilding with bags filled with bottles.\n\nThe result is a free, bold album, inspired by DAUGHTERS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and definitely ZAPRUDER. It talks about love, friendship, sex, touring, the distance that separates each one of them. The artwork is from Chien Bleu, artist inspired by Japanese art. A visual that represents the album, which speaks above all about bromance and freedom.
Face In The Dust - Broken Key CD DIG

Face In The Dust

The metal / hardcore band Broken Key can look back on a 7-year band history.\nAfter several small demos, the first EP KickAss was officially marketed via STF Records. Beginning of 2016 the first album "Face In The Dust" was recorded.\nThe five-member band by singer and lyricist Ren� achieve ways of Groove Metal with slight touches of other styles, that are produced catchy by the two guitarists Tommy and Marcus. Carlo cares on drums and Robin on bass for the driving beat .\n"Face In The Dust" is a multi-faceted album, which will remain all attentive audience in mind and live encourages everyone to mosh.
Vergentis In Senium - Nerv CD DIG

Vergentis In Senium

Hou je van bands als Neurosis en Converge, dan is dit album iets voor jou. Nerv brengt metal en hardcore bij elkaar op een opwindende manier. Check it out
Retour Vers La Lumiere - 91 All Stars CD DIG

Retour Vers La Lumiere

Nieuwe release van deze legendarische hard-core band uit Frankrijk . Als je BLACK DAHLIA MURDER leuk vind, is dit album a must-have !
Trinity - Omega Diatribe CD


"Trinity" - the second full-length album by Hungarian Extreme Groove Metal band OMEGA DIATRIBE.\nStirring the cauldron once more, the lads of the mighty Omega Diatribe face you hard with their brand new record, which has been finalized by the Danish producer Tue Madsen from Antfarm Studios. Band gives a massive dose of adrenaline by their ultra-heavy grooves mixed with polyrhytmic elements and in-your-face vocals with this record.\nThe production is neat and the songs are crushing. This masterclass of mayhem hits you harder than ever before displaying the tightest performance yet as the boys go from strength to strength in their genre and the industry.\nIf you're hungry for some top-notch Extreme Groove Metal, than you have to give a chance for this record!\nHighly recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Gojira, Machine Head, and Fear Factory!!
Eventide - Weed We Exist Even Dead CD


The band is formed in 2016 as a really ambitious project, looking for their own space in the Extreme music scene, executing a blend of heavy & hybrid riffs mixed with frantic rhythms plus epic & extreme arrangements, vocals have no limits in WEED, all together unites Groove, Metalcore & progressive lines.\nAfter their first EP ?Meet No End? the band strikes back with ?Eventide?, their first LP which is is about to break all kind of barriers for WEED.
The Harvester - Envinya CD

The Harvester

Magical, exciting and sexy - this is Envinya on their new album "The Harvester. The sextet from Munich with the exceptional female singer Mery Diaz Serrano fits only partially in the genre of countless other "female fronted metal bands". Musically the songs are clearly in the classic melodic metal at home, but the guitarist Thomas and Mike often poach in much harder shores, making the sound totally independent and innovative.\nFounded in 2006, they released in 2013 their debut "Inner Silence", which was already well known world wide.\nLive they showed their competence already well before bands such Fiddlers Green, Tanzwut and Pro Pain. With "The Harvester" they show for what Envinya stands today: innovation, charisma and explosiveness.
Still Waters - Ashes To Fire CD EP DIG

Still Waters

Ashes to Fire releases a new EP " Still Waters " \n"Still Waters" consists in Metalcore / modern Djent. \n\nFor the fans of Djent, Metalcore, Hardcore, Deathcore and Post-hardcore.
Genus Vitiosum

Genus Vitiosum

Ypres is a band from St. Petersburg, which took the name after the city in Belgium, where chemical weapons of mass destruction were applied for the first time in history. Through 6 years of activity, the band released their debut album along with the followed EP, Genus Vitiosum, and manifested itse
Format:CD DIG
Badlands - The End A.D. CD


Philadelphia’s Female Fronted Metal / Hardcore / Punk band The End A.D. was formed in 2014 and has members from some of the filthiest bands to ever plague the city of brotherly love.
It's All In Your Head-the end ad-cd ep dig

It's All In Your Head

Philadelphia's Female Fronted Metal / Hardcore / Punk band The End AD was formed in 2014 and has members from some of the filthiest bands to ever plague the city of brotherly love.
Artist:The End AD
Format:CD EP DIG