Power Metal

Lust For Wonder - D�xa CD

Lust For Wonder


2013 saw the release of the band?s second album and now, four years since their last offering, ?Lust for Wonder?, the band?s third album, is ready to be released.

Face Your Agony - Insania CD

Face Your Agony

INSANIA is a heavy metal band from Germany. The band was active from 1988 to 2006 and has published six albums and a Maxi-CD during this time.
Set Them Free - Insania CD

Set Them Free

INSANIA is a heavy metal band from Germany. The band was active from 1988 to 2006 and has published six albums and a Maxi-CD during this time.
A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night - Crystallion CD

A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night

The debut CD A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night was released by STF-Records in December 2006. Inspiered by the mystical order of the Templars from the times of the great Crusades, the southern german Power Metal Band CRYSTALLION present an album featurings epic and bombastic songs that bring the strength and dedication of the medieval monk soldiers to the 21st century. The sublime vocals and catchy tunes immediately captivate the listeners and send them on a romantic journey between myth and reality.
Battlestar Rising - Fairytale CD

Battlestar Rising

"OVERVIEW: A traditional but yet innovative line up from Germany, mixing traditional Heavy Metal style with some Bay-Area influences and thus listeners can look forward to hard and straight metal riffs!\n\nSince their founding in the year 2000 the band has come out with one demo (2002) and furthermore has released their EP ?Book Of Fairytales? (2005). The first full-length album ?Rise Of The Twilight Lord? was released in 2011 and critically acclaimed by magazines all over the world. In February 2015 the band released the ?digital-only? single ?Dawning Of An Era? that also features the new singer and guitarist.\n\nThe band shared stage with well-known artists, such as Rage, Tamkard, Negura Bunget or Born From Pain, among others. Fairytale will release their new album through Art Gates Records worldwide."


Life and death; the two opposing states that are the essence of everything. Since humanity developed the power to reason, to question and wonder we have searched for the meaning in life and the secrets that lie beyond the grave. Is there a purpose to the pain and loss that so often defines our exis
Divina Commedia - Purgatorio - Starbynary CD

Divina Commedia - Purgatorio


Starbynary is one of top of the class bands of the italian power progressive metal scene. The band takes after the gamut of classic progressive metal bands, the riffs and surrounding musical components in their vision of music actually dare to be varied and profound. After releasing “Dark Passenger” in 2014 and “Divina Commedia - Inferno” in 2016

Voices from the Dust - Risen Prophecy CD

Voices from the Dust

The latest offering of RISEN PROPHECY is a superbly crafted concept album that redefines epicness. This British band have always straddled a fine line between thrash and US style power metal, yet "Voices from the Dust" unites both sides of their respective influences and goes further.