Progressive Rock

Ithaca - Dark Quarterer CD


Dit zesde album van de Italiaanse pioniers van epische progressive metal is een concept album ge�nspireerd door het gedicht "Ithaca" van C. Cavafy. De muziek klinkt warm met een grote variatie van emoties en sferen. Een fassinerende reis langs woorden en sound , kortom een uniek kunstwerk.\n\nVoor de fans van: ADRAMELCH, MANILLA ROAD, THUNDER RIDER, SLOUGH FEG, VAVEL, THE TRIP, GOBLIN.
Artist:Dark Quarterer
Fragmented Consciousness - Dan Deagh Wealcan CD

Fragmented Consciousness

Dan Deagh Wealcan is een experimenteel duet uit de Oekraine. Zij leveren met deze release hun derde album uit en zijn nog steeds erg moeilijk in een hokje te plaatsen. Een bizarre smeltkroes van Industrial, Post-Hardcore,Progressive, Alternative-Metal, Art-Rock,Electronic, Noise, Symphonic-Rock, New-Prog, Mathcore. Hou je van ongewone muziek, die moeilijk in een hokje is te plaatsen, moet je deze even checken. Voor de fans van Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Ministry,Porcupine Tree, Mike Patton, Devin Townsend.\nMaar ook: Slayer, Radiohead, TDEP, Muse, Hans\nFlorian Zimme
The Cyberiam (Feat. Keith Semple ex-7th heaven) - The Cyberiam

The Cyberiam (Feat. Keith Semple ex-7th heaven)


The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock/metal band from Chicago that boasts some of the top musicians in the city coming together to create history. MelodicRock Records is excited to be a part of The Cyberiam team and this fantastic album. The debut Cyberiam album boasts almost 80 minutes of progressive rock creativity.

Fermate - Anderes Holz CD


ANDERES HOLZ ? Progressive Folk Rock
Fault Lines - Nem-Q CD2 DIG

Fault Lines

Double EP, incuding: Disc 1 (Subduction Zone), released feb 2016 + Disc 2: (Terranes), released feb 2017
a Fate Symphony-medea-cd

a Fate Symphony


A brand new Medea album, another rock opera by Henry Meeuws

Northern Light-medea-cd

Northern Light


Twaalf jaar heeft het materiaal in huize Meeuws op de plank gelegen en nu ? mede dankzij een fundraising actie ? kunnen we eindelijk genieten van de derde rockopera van Medea.


Room Xvii


Symfonische conceptalbums mogen weer!! Zo af en toe zit er ineens een zeer interessante uitgave tussen, laat ik er toevallig nu eentje op de kop hebben getikt.

The Ocean Of Unspoken Words - Sunrise Auranaut CD DIG

The Ocean Of Unspoken Words

Sunrise Auranaut is a Russian studio project, led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Vitaly Kiselev who creates music inspired mainly by the classical school of 70s Prog.\n�The Ocean Of Unspoken Words� is Kiselev's fourth studio album. It is completely instrumental and recorded in his own home studio. As always he used some of his old ideas, which were in an embryonic state and which incredibly transformed here into complex musical forms. This album is also written under impression of classical music such as works of Peter Tchaikovsky or Edward Grieg. However, inclusions of orchestration, the sounds of classical piano and organs, wrapped in a warm 70's retro sound, are combined with heavy guitar riffs, seasoned with a variety of modern synth sounds. Vitaly has performed all the parts for electric and acoustic guitars and bass and, as always, acted as producer, engineer and cover designer. All synthesizers parts are played by Alexander Malakhov.
PRO1901-2603-0192914798279 PRO1901-2603-0192914798279

The Essential

Claudio Delgift, also known as “C,” is a singer and guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. So far he has released 7 solo albums, two singles, and an EP, as well as participated in many more musical ventures. His large following on social media is due to his frequent postings of his amazing work. O
Artist:Claudio Delgift
Format:CD DIG

When You Were Living Here

Slug Comparison is the solo project of Fen vocalist/guitarist Doug Harrison. Known for blending darkness and light, acoustic and electric, Harrison first deepened his exploration of these elements with a solo album that felt like a Part II to Fen’s acclaimed album Trails Out Of Gloom. After that fi
Artist:Slug Comparison