Stories Goes - Ten Stories High CD DIG

Story Goes


Those who step into the elevator and travel along all 10 floors of Ten Stories High will experience the overwhelming versatility of this band. Correction: 9 floors! The band members themselves live in the high penthouse on the tenth floor.

Hold On Tight-bluesshack-cd

Hold On Tight


On a tiny stage in a local pub the members of BluesShack met in 2018 and the band slowly started to take on its current form. Since then, the blues dance evenings have led to more and bigger gigs, international attention, and shows at blues & dance festivals. The first CD `Live in Moskou` was recorded in 2019 and the second one `Hold On Tight` is released in the spring of ´21. An album with some great classic blues covers and the band’s first original song "Hold On Tight"

On The Blues Side-joey amenta-cd dig

On The Blues Side

This 5 track album shows a side of Joey that you need to hear to believe.


Hot'n'Nasty are one of the best German blues and rock bands being awarded with the German Blues Award 2020 for 'Best Band'. The new album “Burn” was again recorded, mixed and mastered at the Megaphon Studios by Martin Meinschläfer (producer and recording engineer for Henrik Freischlader, Layla Zoe, Kai Strauss and Tommy Schneller).