Senpr?sija - SKYFORGER LP


"Senpr?sija" took quite long to record, but it has paid off, at least in the context of sound quality. Sound is clean and crisp, all instruments sound lively, and it is really heavy ? this might be the heaviest Skyforger has sounded on record. The guitars are edgy, with just the right amount of crunch to make them sound moderately agressive, without getting too muddy. Bass is omnipresent as always, perhaps even moreso, at times even reminding of OverKill. Speaking of which, thrash metal is to be found on a larger scale on this album than before, but most of the time it is combined with blackened tremolo riffs, although I wouldn?t call this a black/thrash album; the overall style is a hybrid of heavy, thrash, black and, to a lesser degree, other musical styles, but it is instantly recognizable as Skyforger. The folk instrumentation is drastically reduced though, going back to the levels found on "Kauja pie Saules" and "Latvie?u Str?lnieki" ? some listeners will be pleased by this change, while others will be disappointed; it depends on which aspects in Skyforger?s pagan metal you prefer.
Elbenstahl - Uruk-Hai CD


Pagan/Viking Ambient/Metal.
Seven Inches Of Hell - WHIPSTRIKER LP2

Seven Inches Of Hell

There is a universe between the Mot�rhead�s Rock n�Roll and the early Death/Black Metal bands. Each Whipstriker�s EP has a different vibe. You can hear some Speed Metal, some Crust, some Dirty Rock Rock n�Roll and some evil stuffs in vein of early Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer. This double LP brings 26 songs from the 7" EPs we released between 2010-2014 and it for sure represents our sound. Track 10 is exclusive to this release. All other songs were taken from previously released EPs and splits
Guarda Dentro Te - In.Si.Dia LP

Guarda Dentro Te

IN.SI.DIA is really a cult band for Heavy Metal scene in Italy.Active since 1991 (named as Inviolacy), after the demo ?No compromises!? with 4 tracks with thrash sound near to first Metallica sound, especially for the guitar solos, they are noticed by Italian Major (!) Polygram which produces the debut album ?Istinto e Rabbia? (?Instinct and Anger?), with Omar Pedrini (guitarist of Timoria band) as artistic producer.This is the first time in Italy an Heavy Metal band signs for a Major. ?Guarda dentro te ?is still thrash metal but with a darker sound and if possible even with a better production in comparison with debut album. Nowadays is pretty hard to find cd copies of this thrash metal gem, as it?s sold out since a long time. On Ebay is sold for really expensive prices (up to 50,00/60 ,00 ? !). Finally is now reissued from Jolly Roger Records, thanks to license from major Universal Italia Srl (which bought all Polygram catalogue).? For fans of old school thrash metal.? First Italian HM band to be out under Major ! ? Almost impossibile to find release, until this new reissue!
Aggressor - Nocturnal Breed LP


The re-release of Nocturnal Breed's "Aggressor" is highly recommended for fans of old-school thrash or fans of black/thrash. Even fans of newer thrash bands like Skeletonwitch or Toxic Holocaust should take delight in the brutal thrash that awaits them on this album.
Artist:Nocturnal Breed
I. - Bellator CD DIG


Bellator is a Thrash Metal band. First EP "I."For Fans : Grip Inc., Evildead, D.R.I.,
Format:CD DIG
The Dawn Of Conscioussness - Deficiency CD DIG

The Dawn Of Conscioussness

French Melodic Thrash Metal band DEFICIENCY will release its third album ?The Dawn Of Consciousness?, recorded in summer\n2016 by David Potvin (DOME STUDIO - Kronos, T.A.N.K. ...) and is coming worldwide on march 2017.\nDEFICIENCY musically go further in melodic, agressive and technical aspects of its songwriting. Heavy parts, modern patterns,\nfurious leads or catchy chorus are meeting to join a Thrash Metal basis and to form an efficient alliance for fans of extreme music.\n?The Dawn Of Consciousness? is a new concept-album describing men?s rebirth after chaos and the way they seize this second\nchance through six primitive emotions shared by every human being on earth : surprise, sadness, joy, anger, fear and disgust.\nThe visual work designed by French artist Ludovic Cordeli�res (RUSALKA DESIGN) is an major piece to complement music and\nlyrics?s concept.\nFor fans of Machine Head, Darkane, Death Angel, Soilwork...
Format:CD DIG
Brink Of Destruction - Kill Procedure CD

Brink Of Destruction

Featuring guitarist/vocalist Lou St. Paul (Winters Bane, Fires Of Babylon) KILL�PROCEDURE is a band for any heavy metal fan who loves killer guitar riffs, memorable�solos, and great songwriting.
Artist:Kill Procedure
The Origin of Hate - Deathtale CD

The Origin of Hate

The band was founded in 2008, raised up from the Thrash / Death Metal band Demolition, founded by Tom Krautner in\n1996.The development of the music, which is technically more mature and more melodious, is based on international\nstandards.Biting, multi-layered vocals combined with impulsive, powerful melodies and challenging guitar solos leads to\nintense ?metal compositions?.Deathtale is not a band with political ambitions or background. Deathtale is a mouthpiece\nand a form of expression for those who appreciate life, against injustice, abuse of power, political arbitrariness and any\nkind of oppression. Together with their music, powerful concerts and planned tours, it is the goal to reach as much like\nminded metal and music interested people as possible.Deathtale are ready to release their third album of studio "The Origin of\nHate" in December 7th through Art Gates Records worldwide.\n1 The Dark One\n2 Bloodgod\n3 Born and Broken\n4 Origin of Hate\n5 Embrace the Fire\n6 Unleash the wolves\n7 Seven Sins\n8 Walk over Water\n9 The Heretic\n10 Hell Exists\n11 Hypocrite
Still Burns - Irreverence CD

Still Burns

Irreverence is a Thrash Metal band from Milan, Italy and now releases their newest 11th album "STILL BURNS", A concept album freely inspired by Mathieu Kassovitz's film "La Haine" and regarded as a masterpiece by both insiders and audiences ,