Epic Loon OST - Pryapisme CD2 DIG

Epic Loon OST

Having had their first tendinitis on the controllers and joysticks of all the game consoles of the 80s and having used miles of tapes by rewatching countless times VHS in their old video recorders, it is natural that the wags of Pryapisme accepted the challenge initiated by Macrales Studio: make the original soundtrack for the video game Epic Loon, the perfect game to play alone in your couch, with friends or with your cat (on Steam, Switch, Xbox One and PS4).\n\n� Epic Loon OST � is a double album narrating the adventures of four aliens who invade pastiches of the 80s / 90s cult movies. The group was given carte blanche to put everything to music by drawing inspiration from the games and movies of the time, by sneakily sprinkling these with a little feline French Touch. The result is of course shameful, neither done nor to be done. At best, a plagiarism, at worst an abyssal artistic void.\n\nAn Epic Fail.\n\nAll music from this album was created for the game � Epic Loon � : A game published by Ukuza, produced by Macrales Studio, co-produced by Shibuya Production and supported by CNC and Pictanovo.\n
Format:CD2 DIG
Spinning Numbers - SixTurnsNine CD EP DIG

Spinning Numbers

D�sseldorf brought up a few stunnig as well as unique experimental / electronic bands. The Triphop / Electronica Trio SixTurnsNine is rooted in this tradition while they partly break with it at the same time.. SixTurnsNine was founded by Philip Akoto (strings), Lutz Bauer (keys/programming/electronica) and Anja Trodler (vocals) in 2015 at the legendary venue "Alter Schlachthof" in D�sseldorf-Derendorf. Coming from totally different musical backgrounds SixTurnsNine together create their songs within a charged creative field full of details and little traces that bear witness of their individuality in sound. The symbiosis of different musical influences ends up in songs with almost danceable trip hop beats and dub step elements combined with a somehow dark ambience, massive hypnotic bass guitars and lurid electronica. On top of it all you hear the impressive, dark and bluesy voice of Anja Trodler. Yes, there is a slight 90s vibe to be found, but it is just one layer within a brighter spectrum where there is much more to be found besides and underneath, for example break beats, atonal industrial music, New Wave or classic Woodstock spirit. You may also find references to bands like 'This Mortal Coil' or some other 4AD-bands from the 1980s. Until now SixTurnsNine released two video singles called "Painted Clouds" and "Threat in The Neck". In May 2018 their first 6-track-EP will be released on Echozone / BobMedia in physical form as well as for download. Just before that SixTurnsNine will hit a few stages on a club tour to promote the EP in advance. The EP is entitled "Spinning Numbers". It contains five regular tracks plus a remix of "Threat in The Neck" by Spherical Disrupted. The EP was recorded and produced by Lutz Bauer, mixed and mastered by Bob Humid (Cologne - mastermind of Der Liederkranz, Fat of Excellence, Serve & Destroy). Artwork and design was done by Hendrik & Julian Klein (takk design).
Format:CD EP DIG
The Velocity of Velocities - Antonella EYE Porcelluzzi & Deaf

The Velocity of Velocities

AntonellaEYE Porcelluzzi radically rewrote texts by Mina Loy and Theresa of Avila, and interpreted them in accord with the musical language of Deaf Society.
Artist:Antonella EYE Porcelluzzi & Deaf Society
Format:CD EP
Just Music-t smallz suso & nienke crijns-cd ep

Just Music


One of them being a trip to the Gambia in 2014 and 2015, where she recorded songs of a whole different style of music than she?s used to do; reggae, reggaeton and dancehall. This you will recognize in Nienke?s latest EP Just Music recorded together with Gambian rapper T Smallz Susa.

Artist:T Smallz Suso & Nienke Crijns
Format:CD EP
Sideremesis - Erdh CD DIG


Drie jaar, na een zeer goed ontvangen debuutplaat, besluit Erdh het over een andere boeg te gooien. Even een stapje weg van de metal, is ? Sideremesis een EP met 25 minuten electronische muziek, inclusief een re-mix van de electro scene legende Mlada Fronta
Format:CD DIG
Anthology - In Good Faith CD2


De dubbelaar ? Anthology? bevat het, reeds al lang niet meer verkrijgbare, album "Past_Tense_Presence" en de laatste release, EP "It's Tearing Me Apart".\nCatchy maar zeer originele geproduceerde electro pop , EBM, denk aan bands als De/Vison, Depeche Mode en VNV Nation.
Artist:In Good Faith
Now! - Pos.:2 CD


In de muziek van POS.:2, ontmoeten dansbare synthese en melancholische zang elkaar met transparante sequenser-sounds gecombineerd met een groovy flow.\nKwa sound en presentatie zeer geinspireerd op de synth-pop, electro en dance bands uit de jaren 80 en 90.
Club Around The World - Manuel De La Mare CD

Club Around The World

Artist:Manuel De La Mare
Dance with Me - Miles Shane CD EP

Dance with Me

Miles Shane - Dance with Me. Three new titles by Miles Shane, which could not be more different but still fit on a CD. "Dance with Me" & "Electrify" are two great english titles. Also the already well-known title "Lebe Deinen Traum" was reissued, more modern, danceable and timeless. Miles' motto and, incidentally, the title of his first album "Lebe Deinen Traum" ("Live your dream") will continue to be an important part, also in his music. He invites you to dance with him. So ?come on and dance with me?!
Artist:Miles Shane
Format:CD EP
Pulsar - Schwarzschild CD EP


One year after the release of their debut album “Radius“, the German Electro Pop band Schwarzschild are delivering yet again: On 19 January 2019, the six track EP „Pulsar“ will see the light of day. The electro pop duo remains true to their concept of using mostly German lyrics – on this release wi
Format:CD EP
Tome Of The Crystal Wizard

Tome Of The Crystal Wizard

A shining light is flooting over the waters of the sea that lays in the deep cave. It's the reflecting light that mirrors from the old crystal... Enjoy your travel to an unknown world with this fantastic dungeon synth release from USA. IAGON, a name well known for Dungeon Synth with an irresistible
Death Trance - RXAXPXE CD

Death Trance


Some albums are catchy, some are bulky, some immediately stick to you, others touch you. “Death Trance”, the terrific new opus by RxAxPxE is far off these categories. It contains an aggressive world of sound, composed of menacingly clattering frequencies merged with low, massive tones and their ritualistic dimensions into a rustling, shrill, mangling mix of Terror Noise and Power Electronics.