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    • A Fate Symphony - CD - Medea CD
      A Fate Symphony - CD - Medea CD
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      A Fate Symphony - CD

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      It’s no more than 2 years ago, that I released the Medea album ‘Northern Light’. The process of the recording sessions of that album has inspired me a lot to write new material. Before I knew, I was composing a new concept and recording new demo material. And so, a new rock opera has begun to unfold. But besides my musical expression, this time my new job was a great source of inspiration to get to this unique concept. As a nursing coordinator of an EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit), I got in touch with very interesting themes which inspired me a lot. I wanted this to be reflected in a musical way. And this is how I was able to make a special link between the theme of epilepsy and the Dutch history, another theme I like to cover in my rock operas.

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