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Break In The Clouds - Plexiphones LP
Break In The Clouds - Plexiphones LP

Break In The Clouds

Format: LP
independent, sophisticated, but also relatable and British sounding music
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Following “News From the Colonies” (2012) and “Electric” (2016) PLEXIPHONES from Mönchengladbach continue consistently along their musical path with their third album, but in a way also redefine themselves. On “Break In The Coulds” the six musicians still know how to enthuse the audience with a fresh joy of playing music and an opulent orchestration coating their songs with wonderful melodies without laying it on too thick. While the previous album “Electric” celebrated savvy power pop with abundant arrangements and a broad production, now the band goes about the ten new songs as epic as before, but framed by a more transparent sound. A reason for this is not least Hilton Theissen who produced the album together with bassist Kurt Schmidt and was also responsible for the mastering. The band reveals an impressive range which always remains homogeneous and clearly bears the signature of experienced musicians who know exactly how timeless alternative pop should sound like. Songs like the extremely cool opener “Apocalypse”, the groovy and rocking “Madame Tussaud” or a mystic pop track like “Fall In Love” fit in as seamlessly with the complete works as the sneakingly melancholy finale (“My Language”) whose rocking, escalating finish could not be any better suited in the context of the album title “Break In The Clouds”. PLEXIPHONES prove that independent, sophisticated, but also relatable and British sounding music with a huge recognition value can be a lot of fun.

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