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Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction -
Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction -

Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction

Format: CD DIG
Cthonica have crossed a new threshold in extreme metal horror
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On their horrific debut 2xLP for Clavis Secretorvm, Venezuelan blackened raw death-doom abomination Cthonica unravel almost an hour of blood-curling and slithering ritualistic aural terror the hideousness and repulsiveness of which has rarely been seen on this earth. Converging somewhere in the middle between the agonizing and pummeling death-doom of Incantation and Disembeowelment and the twisted and serpentine blackened chaos of bands like Beherit, Blapshemy, Portal and Teitanblood and adding hazy layers of purulent noise and sepulchral dark ambient murk to further disfigure their abhorrent creation, Cthonica have crossed a new threshold in extreme metal horror, setting an entirely new standard of sonic inversion with their raw and decaying sound, and taking the glorification and worship of death and perversion to an entire new realm of conceptual and audial atrocity. Raw blackened death-doom plague Cthonica began in Caracas, Venezuela, back in 2016 (formed by D.V. on Guitars, Bass, and Drums, and H.K. handling Vocals, noise and electronics, lyrics and concepts), rising from the ashes of a previous incarnation of the project called Okkvlt. Cthonica is, and likely always will be, a proudly home-recorded project. Both for necessity due to the precarious access to resources in the tumultuous Venezuelan society and general lack of most things out there, and for the complete refusal by the core duo behind the project to compromise or embrace standardized and commonly acceptable creation processes. As such Cthonica's existence will likely always be one of near complete lack and isolation, a state and condition which has perhaps made certain aspects of their art even more violent, defiant, and abominable. That of Chtonica appears to be an existence of evolved regression, where a state of isolation, lack, and primitivism has evolved aberrantly, and created fertile conditions for the development of deviant and feral art forms. Regarding this aspect of their creation process the band has stated that “we are a home-made recording project because we are oblivious to so-called professional hi-fi techniques and firmly believe that the approach of basic and primitive resources keeps us on the line of what we want“.

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