Tides of Fire

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Tides Of Fire, the second full length album from the project, is a charred elegy for a world careening off of the precipice.
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Tides Of Fire, the second full length album from the project, is a charred elegy for a world careening off of the precipice. The seeds of these songs were sifted from the ashes of smoldering landscapes, as vast swathes of the West Coast of North America burned. This work is an exploration of internal and external purging; all the suffering, fear, and anxiety that the titanic forces of Nature exert over our lives, and the hidden light that can be found within when it seems that all is lost. It is a journey of death, renewal and the resilience of the human Spirit. A significant sonic departure from previous releases, Tides Of Fire is propelled by a dense, aggressively percussive core. Two full drum kits, auxiliary percussion, and layers of guitars are utilized to create an utterly unique and intense experience. Gripping spoken word, intricate folk melodies, and murky psychedelic passages also find their way to the surface when the metallic fury subsides. This is a work that simply overflows with raw emotion; helpless rage, deep love, and awe-filled reverence.

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