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Current funding campaigns

  • Debut Album Steven Beelen

    a full length album with ten songs

    22% €449 / €2,000
    End Crowdfunding finished
    15 person
  • Debut Album GG Joanne

    Her first album

    0% / €3,250
    End Crowdfunding finished
    0 person
  • A Fate Symphony - Medea

    a new story to be unfold...

    52% €1,825 / €3,500
    End Crowdfunding finished
    49 person
  • Millennium | Trilogy | Project

    Part 1: The Trial

    22% €1,212 / €5,500
    End Crowdfunding finished
    29 person

Recording your own music, the magic of a studio is something many artists dreams about. But recording an album takes time and is costly. To come to the right means, we offer the independent artist a platform to realise the dream through donations. Would you like to start your own campagne, please fill out this form and we tell you how you can start as soon as possible: CONTACT US

This are the artists who would like to record an album and ask you to support their project. So just sit around and listen to something beautiful. You can leave a donation and often the artist gives a counterpart.