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Debut Album GG Joanne

Her first album

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Hello all,

Thank you for visiting my crowdfunding page!

My name is Guusje Goumans, I am 17 years old and I got the chance to record an album at From a very early age I love singing a lot and a few years ago I started writing own songs. In these songs I usually try to tell a story. Sometimes personal stories, things that I have experienced myself, but also general issues and situations. I try to convey these stories to other people through my music and the lyrics and to hit them with them. I write most of my songs using my ukulele.

As you read in the title, I release my debut album under the name GG Joanne. This name is inspired by my full name: Guusje Johanne Goumans, but in an English version to give it a bit of an international touch.

Now I'm going to expand my songs with the help of the studio, record them and hopefully eventually release them. Of course, all of this costs a lot of money and all small bits help. If you want to make a contribution, there is of course a counterpart against it. Think of a handwritten song text, attending a recording session or maybe even a living room concert! Take a look at this page for all the counterparts!

Hopefully you want to contribute to my first album! I'm very much looking forward to sharing my music with you!

Many greetings,


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