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In Blasphemy Reborn-hedon-cd ep In Blasphemy Reborn Archaic Malevolence - Infected Dead CD EP Archaic Malevolence Sepulchral Torment - Rex Shachath CD EP Sepulchral Torment Grimoire De Occulte - Mirthless LPS Grimoire De Occulte
Hedon (Sweden) started in the break of 2012-13, and released an album -13 on our own, Summon the demons. During the following years we had a break due to different circumstances beyond our control. Infected Dead are a ferocious modern death metal 5-piece from the rotten shores of the River Medway in Kent. Formed in 2014 by former members of some of Kent's highest regarded death metal acts, Infected Dead produce a highly polished blend of ultra-modern death metal and visceral brutality. Influenced by genre leaders Aborted and The Black Dahlia Murder, as well as a love of the occult and Lovecraftian cosmic horror, they have honed a unique, razor-sharp sound, underlined by their trademark breakneck speed and intensity, which is quickly turning heads in the UK underground. Infected Dead emerged onto the live scene in the winter of 2016, playing all over the south of England, receiving widespread critical praise leading to an invitation to the UK?s premier open air metal festival Bloodstock. ?Sepulchral Torment? is the debut CD from Rex Shachath, a death metal band based in Northern Ireland. The band pays homage to the death metal genre focusing more on good song writing rather than who can play the fastest and most technical. Drawing influences from the genre pioneers Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Dying Fetus, Obituary, etc. ?Sepulchral Torment? is laced with an old school vibe and incorporates every aspect that makes the genre so popular. From dead earth rises the long anticipated split release of two Death/Doom bands from Germany and Per�: the two rituals of GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE and MIRTHLESS show an intense interpretation of occult contemplation. Like a portal opening from this world to another GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE from the Aachen region (Germany) create their impression of the evocation of a Dschinn? - On side B MIRTHLESS from Lima (Per�) present a new recording, titles ?Arardecer de Mayo?, dragging the listener to the final sundown without a glimpse of hope. Those two tracks of creative authenticity are pressed onto a single, limited to 300 copies and showing an exclusive Artwork of Mark Riddick (USA). Heavy vinyl (70g), packed into a 250 gsm carton-cover jacket. Comes with additional EP innersleeve and lyrics.
Hedon Infected Dead Rex Shachath Mirthless