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On Fragile Wings

Artist Thanateros
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"Back to the roots" - This could be the title of the new THANATEROS album.

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Back to the roots - This could be the title of the new THANATEROS album. Both in terms of the lyrical content as well as the musical direction. As on the debut album The First Rite, the songs are catchy and rock the hell out! This is in part due to Markus F., the new man on the drums, who locks in fantastically with the playful and yet driving bass playing of Chrys R. and the powerful heavy guitars of Chris L. whose atmospheric clean guitar parts underline the soulful , great violin playing of Christof U. And also, mastermind Ben R. is bursting with virtuosity - whether softly, evocatively sonorous or full of passionate aggression, rarely before has the THANATEROS singer shown himself to be so diverse and varied. In addition, the five dark rockers - in keeping with THANATEROS' tradition - have once again brought on board a unique guest vocalist with Johanna Krins (Arctic Relief, Delva), who graces both the first single Coven of the Drowned and the poignant Solitude with her wonderful voice. Musically, THANATEROS also take things up a notch with a variety of soundscapes and moods. But contrary to what the title might suggest, they also turn the metal screw! The album produced by Simon Rippin, in which all instruments get equal space, manages to create an enormous auditory atmosphere despite its straightforwardness. This succeeds not least because of the creative use of synthesizers, which give the album a unique atmospheric depth. In general, the new THANATEROS release is characterized by a fusion of different emotions. From dark broodings, to rousing brutal onslaughts, On Fragile Wings covers pretty much all imaginable moods, without losing direction. This direction also reflects the lyrical content, best explained by the shamanic term soul-view, which also means back to the roots. Since the inception of THANATEROS, Ben Richter has taken us into a world of magic and shamanism which continues with On Fragile Wings. Whether the transformation by fire, the rising in the circle of life, or the search for the inner power - in the shamanic imagination, it is our soul that goes through all these processes. And this is symbolized by the bird, which represents cross-culturally the soul … it's feathers and wings carrying it away - referenced in the title and accompanying cover artwork. And as delicate and fragile as these wings are, so is our soul ... trying not to lose itself in the darkness. These abysses and this vulnerability of our soul is the second big theme of the album. Ben R. lets us look deep into his inner self, deals with dark topics and makes On Fragile Wings the most personal THANATEROS album so far. With On Fragile Wings THANATEROS invite you to a magical, multilayered and profound journey full of emotions and passion on which you can dance, rock, laugh and cry. At the end of which, everyone's wings may be strengthened and full of power...

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