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Chasing Cars

Artist Alex Braun
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!distain founding member and singer Alex Braun now presents his second solo EP
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Following the EP „eiskalt“ from 2018 the !distain founding member and singer Alex Braun now presents his second solo EP. His mission to revive pearls of music history and give them a synthpop livery is continued on “chasing cars”. As a synthpop boy from the get-go and fan of cover versions Alex Braun has always regarded it as a matter close to his heart to reclaim these superb compositions. Who does not remember e. g. “chasing cars” … this uberanthem by Snow Patrol? Re-interpreted in a respectful way with the almost exclusive use of synthesizers the song will surely find new fans on other musical couches. The time machine starts up again and we take a trip down memory lane with Kim Wilde’s “Cambodia” or “hello” by the Shakepears Sister. Add to this “Axel F.” by Harold Faltermeyer from the movie Beverly Hills Cop catapulted into he new millennium with dubstep elements and an aerial soprano. Depeche Mode’s rarely covered “Somebody” gets more drive and as on the EP “eiskalt” there are surprises: “Karl der Käfer” (Karl the beetle) – goose bumps in a dance version. Who would have thought? “The song’s harmonies are simply fantastic. A fact, I think, that was not sufficiently appreciated in the past,” says Alex Braun with a grin! As a bonus track the EP features a harder remix version by Elektrostaub of “Pinocchio”. “chasing cars” is an absolute must for kids of the 80s, synthpop fans or simply connoisseurs of pop song classics with a new look!
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