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Purified - Zoodrake CD DIG
Purified - Zoodrake CD DIG


Format: CD DIG
ZOODRAKE is the new project of singer and producer Hilton Theissen.
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ZOODRAKE is the new project of singer and producer Hilton Theissen. His first two singles, “sent to you” and “our light” gave a first impression of this debut album, which will be release on 27th March 2020. Called “purified”, this album rounds off ZOODRAKE’s musical profile, which augments Synth Pop and EDM with elements of Alternative Rock and Retro Wave. ZOODRAKE focuses on charismatic vocals, emotional songwriting and athmospheric sound landscapes, which tend to cross stylistic boundaries. A consummate live artist, Hilton will be presenting the 10 tracks of his debut album on tour this year, as part of a wider setlist also including new interpretations of previous successes with this concurrent project “Akanoid” and his previous band “Seadrake”.

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