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The dark synth project Beat Noir Deluxe from South Tyrol is going to release their debut album “Crash” on April 17th on the Echozone label.
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The dark synth project Beat Noir Deluxe from South Tyrol is going to release their debut album “Crash” on April 17th on the Echozone label. Beat Noir Deluxe is an alternative electronic music project led by singer / songwriter / composer and producer Sascha G. and has alternatively been labelled synthpop, futurepop, dark wave, indie electronic, post-punk and trip hop. The beginning of Beat Noir Deluxe in 2019 was preceded by a serious, nearly fatal traffic accident in 2017. As a result of this disaster, mastermind Sascha G. created the album “Crash” together with producer Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand, Future Lied To Us). Beat Noir Deluxe's music blends loneliness and defiance with melodic tunes and lyrics that are mostly introspective, sometimes provocative and always asking for tolerance. The project’s own musical style ranges between classic electro and synthpop. However, it only sounds familiar on the surface. Some rough edges concerning the arrangement and lyrics create a very individual character. The first single “Morphine” from November 2019 as well as the corresponding video clip already got the attention of fans and media within the alternative music scene due to strong rankings e. g. in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). Further singles and video clips will accompany the promotion of the album release in spring 2020.

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