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Les Corps Flottants - Rostres CD DIG

Les Corps Flottants

€ 9,95
Dynamic French duo ROSTRES present their first full length album ?Les Corps Flottants?, a journey through turgid sludge, post-rock and shoegaze. Think of a slowed down Pelican or speed up Neurosis and you will have the right idea. These guys create huge atmosphere through pure riffage and towering, crashing drums alone. The album is fully instrumental as is often the case in this genre but that is not to it?s detriment, the dynamics of the performance and at times lyrical lead guitar/synth/even
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    Inserter - Sunrise Auranaut CD DIG


    € 9,95
    This fifth album from Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev sees him raising the bar once more, resulting in his best album yet. More power and more melody but still music inspired by the great classic prog artists of the Seventies, as well as classical composers like Tchaikovsky and Grieg. Helping out on synthesizers is Alexander Malakhov, leaving Kiselev to play the electric and acoustic guitars as well as handle the programming. Kiselevs day job as a designer is reflected in the stunni
    Artiest:Sunrise Auranaut
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      Thin Ice

      € 4,95
      DRH is like a daydream born of the crazy spirit of Franck Zappa, King Crimson and Periphery.
      With « Thin Ice », the guys from Lyon, France manipulate the saxophone like a magic wand, creating a sound space that seemed lost since the 60’s. At once Progressive Metal, Jazz and definitely Experimental, their music is lyrical, subtle, twisted and enjoyable.
      Meta-cosmic delusions, dreams under acid Burroughs style, superb flights like hallucinated opera, DRH could seem a catch-all if he did not mast
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        Path Of The Hero-christian muenzner-cd

        Path Of The Hero

        € 9,95
        Path Of The Hero is the 3rd all instrumental solo album by guitarist Christian Muenzner (Eternity’s End, Alkaloid, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist), following the 2014 album Beyond The Wall Of Sleep.
        Artiest:Christian Muenzner
          Eva-endname-cd dig


          € 11,95
          With their fifth album, the Moscow-based band EndName continues the instrumental journey, further and further venturing into open space. The EVA album is saturated with atmospheric electronic arrangements designed to enrich and complement the guitar sound. Paying tribute to the past and looking int
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            € 18,95
            Founded by Ilias Kakanis in Thessaloniki Greece, this cinematic post rock group releases their second album.

            Beautifully combines classical melodies, strings and piano to more modern touches of post rock guitars.

            A journey into the philosophy of existentialism, a cinematic vision of the mind. Instrumental melodic masterpiece for both fans of old progressive rock and more modern post rock in vein of 65daysofstatic, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Russian Circles
            filled with songs that truly
            Artiest:Once Upon A Winter