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Clades - Ater Era LP2


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�Clades�, the third and until now the most ambitious album by Ater Era, developes the band's sound towards a heavier, more organic and atmospheric dimension. In addition to its primal black metal roots, it now incorporates also doom, sludge and hardcore elements. Shifting from raw, direct and aggressive to more experimental and melancholic arrangements, this album echoes an intense and gloomy journey through the abyss of alienation in nowaday's society. �Clades� consists of five open-ended, massively heavy and and psychedelic tracks, exposing you to over 50 minutes of acerbic emotions
Artiest:Ater Era
The Whiskey Tapes Germany - Nocturnal Breed LP

The Whiskey Tapes Germany

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The "Whiskey Tapes" albums was originally planned for release to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nocturnal Breed. But as the planning went on, we saw that there was such a positive response to the idea of releasing an exclusive album for each country. So the "Whiskey Tapes" enterprise started growing. Now 2 years later we are proud to finally have our exclusive German version launched upon the people through Folter Records, a long time partnership growing all the way back to the mid 90's.\nThis release is for us very special, as is the German fans to us ! The Teutonians have always been one of our biggest support group, and to be able to present an album hand made for the German comfort is a big deal to us. This is a nonprofit release for the band, and is solely intended to be a gift from Nocturnal Breed to the German fans as a thank you for always being there and always supporting the true essence of metal music.\nSo here is 12 old and rare versions and tracks for you to bang your heads to, as well as 4 absolutely exclusive tracks aimed just for the Teutonic hearts out there. They have been mastered by Kjetil Ottersen (who plays in D�dsmaskin and also does the mastering for 1349) and are here presented in the best way possible. It's raw, necro and straight from the bone, just as we like it.\nSo let it rip and raise the German banner of metal high, this one is for all of you !!!!\n\nPlaylist:\n01 Intro - Splinter-Day (Video Intro - Fields of Rot) (German Exclusive) 02:00\n02 Metal Church (Prev. Unreleased) 04:10\n03 I'm Alive (Org Keyboard Version) Prev. Unreleased 1997 04:11\n04 Miss Misery (Prev. Unreleased) 04:44\n05 Evil Dead (R.I.P. Evil Chuck Edit 2011) 10th Aniversary for Chuck's Death 03:02\n06 Under The Blade (Alternate Mix) 04:02\n07 Ballcusher (Raw Mix) 03:05\n08 Metal Thrashing Mad (Experimental Mix) 02:26\n09 Dead Dominions (The Hour of Death Is At Hand - Short Edit) 05:52\n10 Killernecro (Ubernecro Version) 02:50\n11 Barbed Wire Death (Demo 1998) (Prev. Unreleased) 03:55\n12 No Retreat... No Surrender (Speed Metal Legions Version) 05:05\n13 Rape The Angels (Reh. Sept.1997) 04:23\n14 Maggot Master (Experimental Studio Demo) (German Exclusive) 05:08\n15 The Artillery Command (Alt Mix) (German Exclusive) 03:03\n16 Alcoholic Rites (Experimental Studio Raw Mix) (German Exclusive) 02:44
Arrows Of A Dying Age - Fin LP

Arrows Of A Dying Age

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Arrows of a Dying Age, the next full length endeavor of black metal duo FIN contains a maelstrom of arrows that shall cast a shadow before the dawn. A fire burns within these songs taking aim to scorch the very earth surrounding the listener. This is a formidable display of American black metal writing, performed with precise accuracy in a live setting free of the use of metronome or modern editing techniques. It is raw in stride, but not without the clarity it needs for proper delivery. It is black metal without the compromise of other genres incorporated. Unadulterated, unhinged, unwavering...'Arrows of a Dying Age' breathes life once more into a colorless existence. To nary leave those who'd be so bold to lend their attention.. Wanting...\n\nTracklist:\nSide A\n1. Manias 04:38\n2. The Sight 03:19\n3. Strings of Discourse 03:18 \n4. A Wall of Stone 06:54\n5. Hold Fast?Thy Lament 04:52\nSide B\n6. The Archer 05:02\n7. With Spear, Arrow, and Oath 02:52\n8. Arrows of a Dying Age 06:19\n9. Clarity in These Winds 04:15\n10. With Hammering Glance 03:16\n11. Outlaws 03:39
Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble - Reverorum Ib

Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble

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ANNAPURNA is proud to present REVERORUM IB MALACHT's highly anticipated fourth album, Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble. As sole practitioners of Roman Catholic Black Metal, REVERORUM IB MALACHT are truly in a league of their own. Their three albums to date - 2011's Urkaos, the three iterations of 2014's De Mysteriis Dom Christi, and last year's Ter Agios Numini - are unparalleled in their intensity of vision and sound. But with Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble, whatever conceptions of "vastness" and "density" the band deeply explored prior have been hereby dwarfed.\n\nLike any of the band's albums, REVERORUM IB MALACHT's Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble is not an easy album to navigate, nor was that ever an option to begin with. For music - truly MUSIC, whether it be classed as "black metal" or "ambient" or otherwise - this personal and idiosyncratic was meant for exploration of truths far beyond the surface level, both above and below, encompassing the totality of eternity and its incomprehension. Layers are built upon layers upon layers, each one denser and yet more Spartan than the next, weaving a maze that becomes a riddle that circles back to a maze again, like the very Ouroboros forever swallowing its tail. It very much "sounds like" black metal (or ambient-intensive black metal, that is) but rather aims for what IS...existing, spreading further, forever, dying, being.\n\n\nTo unravel the mystery of Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble is to begin to approach the enigma of REVERORUM IB MALACHT.
Artiest:Reverorum Ib Malacht
ppppppp - Arckanum LP


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The great full-lenght release from 2009 as Picture LP\n\nTracklist:\nSide A\n1. ��rhati 03:59\n2. �ann svart�s 04:06\n3. �yrpas ulfar 05:36\n4. �ursvitnir 05:49\n5. �yrstr 01:33\n6. �j�baugvittr 04:45\nSide B\n7. �jazagaldr 04:54\n8. �� k�mu Niflstormum 07:47 \n9. �r��kyn 04:29\n10. �r�andi 04:16\n11. �yteitr 02:47
Antikosmos - Arckanum LP


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The great full-lenght release from 2008 as Picture LP\n\nTracklist:\nSide A\n1. Svarti 06:02 \n2. Dau�mellin 04:34 \n3. R�kulfargn�r 05:04\n4. Bl�ta loka 05:14 \nSide B\n5. N�kjeptir 04:06\n6. Eksortna 01:29\n7. S� vitran 06:25\n8. Form�la 04:06
Den F�rstf�dde - Arckanum LP

Den F�rstf�dde

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"Den F�rstf�dde" is Arckanum's 9th studio album after 25 years of existence, and this will be Arckanum's final album. Shamaatae states that it is time to move on and that he will continue his Thursian journey elsewhere. \nThe album "Den F�rstf�dde" is a dedication to Loki�s and Gullveig�s firstborn, J�rmungandr. The songs are invocations, prayers and magical formulas, and they are designed to enkindle the black flames of Thursian Powers, its followers and Ragnar�k. \n"Blow your venom and stretch your wings oh Mighty Dragon!"\n\nTacklist:\nSide A\n1. Den f�rstf�dde 09:39 \n2. Nedom etterb�ljorna 04:17 \n3. Likt Utg�rds himmel 05:24 \n4. Ofj�ttrad 04:48 \nSide B\n5. Ginnmors drott 03:51 \n6. L�t Fjalarr gala 05:31 \n7. Du grymme smed 04:00 \n8. Kittelns beska 09:02
Anti Cosmic Art - Sarkom LP

Anti Cosmic Art

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Omschrijving:\nThe fourth album of the Norwegian Black Metal veterans SARKOM, limited to 300 darkred LPs.
Burning The Temple Of God - Mz.412 LP

Burning The Temple Of God

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No need to introduction, the best black industrial release ever made. Pressed in 216 copies on white vinyl (sold out in one week) and in 216 black vinyl.


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Cold Records - a label under the banner of Concilium (Ordo MCM, Clavis Secretorvm, AnnapurnA) dedicated post-black metal, shoegaze, and other atmospheric sounds - is proud to present Unreqvited's momentous debut album, Disquiet, on vinyl LP format, on black vinyl (standard) and a very limited edition on splatter vinyl. Originally released toward the end of 2016 in an extremely limited edition, Disquiet soon found fervent followers of its expansive, breathtaking heights. Here, the mysterious Unreqvited blasted forth with a heartbreaking form of post-black metal completely given over to the most manic of emotions, with each of its seven equally epic tracks taking turns that were simultaneously depressing and uplifting, downward and heavenward. Disquiet didn't so much as reinvent the "blackgaze" idiom as it did perfect it; there's simply no denying the intense gravitas of Unreqvited's songwriting, no matter where you stand on the validity of that idiom. Unperturbed by such trivial matters, Cold fell in love with the album upon its initial release, and now endeavors to spread its majesty ever wider.
Dirges At Carrion Dawn - Ritual Suicide LP

Dirges At Carrion Dawn

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Ritual Suicide - Dirges At Carrion Dawn 10" MLP After 2 full lengths and a few demo recordings comes the newest demo of underground vampiric terror and purveyor of human suffering, RITUAL SUICIDE. 3 new tracks that worship the old ways of black metal and keeper of the true roots there of. No fancy studios, no gimmicks, just natural disdain for everything that black metal has become and of course genuine disgust for the living. If you are looking for the next Deathspell Omega clone, we strongly advise you to keep looking, because it won't be found here. limited to 300 copies
Artiest:Ritual Suicide