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Remina was formed in 2021 by Mike Lamb (Sojourner) and Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian, ex-ISON, :LOR3L3I:).
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Remina was formed in 2021 by Mike Lamb (Sojourner) and Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian, ex-ISON, :LOR3L3I:). The band, born just about one year later than the other shared project by Lamb and Langhans, Light Field Reverie, aims to focus on the doomier side of their music, taking a rather cosmic approach. “We wanted Remina to be a place where we could focus on our love of space and sci-fi exclusively,” Lamb said. At the end of this dark spaceway was Strata, the band's debut album set for release in November. Written and recorded between New Zealand, South Africa and Germany, Remina's debut has hints of all the other current and former projects of both musicians, yet sounds like something different and unique. “Strata's songs and themes are heavily inspired by some of our favorite sci-fi like Tsutomu Nihei's 'Blame!', the series/books of 'The Expanse', and the film 'Sunshine'; all of which have tracks directly related to them”, the band added. Come join Remina's spaceship for a trip around the cosmos Strata will leave the Avantgarde Music docks November 11th.
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