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By Train Through Countries

Artist Projekt Ich
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this album presents a summary of Projekt Ich’s conceptual work of the last two years.
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Following numerous single and EP releases dating back to the year 2011, Projekt Ich from Rosenheim / Bavaria is now going to release the much-anticipated debut album “By Train Through Countries”. Two years ago, mastermind Ulf Müller developed the concept to ask various international singers to lend their voices to his compositions, which lyrics until then had been sung by him, and give these songs a very individual character creating an album which is quite versatile but also shows a recognizable style. These cooperations result in fourteen songs as well as one instrumental inviting the listener on a journey across the realms of synthpop, dark electro, dance pop, wave, acoustic and dark experimental clearly illustrating the joy of playing and the eagerness to experiment of every participating artist. The travelling party includes: Wolfgang Kemmerling / PLEXIPHONES (DE), Marcus Mokuso / Rename – Mindmodvl (DE), Mick L. Angelo / 5TimesZero (DE), Erik Stein / Cult With No Name (GB), Catrine Christensen / SoftWave (DK), Manfred Thomaser & Alex Braun / !distain (DE), Michael Draw / Otto Dix (RU), Caroline McLavy (GB), Oleg Degtiarev / Lilith My Mother (CZ), Markus Kühnel / Elandor (DE), René & Susan Mußbach / Analogue-X (DE), Asia Wolf / End Of New (IR). Lyrically, the songs deal with social problems and personal stories between love, dreams, longing as well as grief, fury and despair. Most of the songs were pre-released as singles in order to appreciate and acknowledge the singers involved with their very own release including remix versions by international artists. Therefore, this album presents a summary of Projekt Ich’s conceptual work of the last two years. The catalogue features 182 titles overall with a total running time of more than 16 hours. Each purchaser of a physical CD copy gets the extensive single catalogue for download free of charge as a bonus (further information can be found in the CD booklet).
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